Friday, November 27, 2009

This ugly woman couldn't be ME!

Reporter Laura Braddick wrote a simply marvelous story about Ociee and me for the Northside Neighbor Newspaper. I could not be more delighted . . . Ociee Nash would be equally pleased. I know.

HOWEVER the photograph taken in my own house right in front of family pictures is certainly not me! A profile, the strange lady is apparently in the final stages of life, has no smile, and will certainly frighten small children. Big ones for that matter. Not only did she scare my grandsons and their young Miami cousins, but she terrified their two older cousins as well!

Actually, this dreadful creature is oddly similar to the witch-woman in "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash."
There, I've let it go now.
Again I am truly grateful for Laura's article. I'm just concerned for the poor woman in the picture.
Bless her heart. MMP

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