Sunday, March 28, 2010


I traveled to Birmingham last week to speak to Ascension School and to have my first official Book Release party at the home of Margaret and Charles Farrell.
*I first met Margaret when I asked her daughters, Debra and Teresa, to babysit our children. The cautious mother immediately raced over to our house to check me out. To her, I must have sounded like a crazed and desperate woman (three children under six!). Our cup of coffee became a life long friendship.

The party was delightful due to those who came by, to her wonderful refreshments, and to the entire Farrel family, who appeared in full force to offer its warmest hospitality. I gave a short talk, hugged old friends along with some new ones, and sold a good many Ociee books. Going to Birmingham IS going home for me.

Earlier that morning, I visited the precious school headed by another beloved friend, Jerrie Elliott. Soon to retire from Ascension, Jerrie plans to restart her painting career. And why not; her husband George is the amazing photographer I've mentioned several times in previous blogs.
In fact, the generous George Elliott donated a couple of his photographs to the event. One I gave to Margaret, of course; the second to Betty George, who'd driven all the way from Montgomery to attend. Thank you, Betty!

As a point of interest, Betty remarked about how many talented people are in my circle of Alabama friends, including painter Diane Shepherd, photographers George Elliott and Becky Crum, and fellow authors Barbara Bullock and Ruth Cook. Having surrounded myself with gifted AND supportive friends has always encouraged me in my own creative efforts.
I truly hope my writing will uplift the readers of this blog. Milam

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed!

Were you to drop by our house this March morning, I'd have to let you in through the garage. Why??? Because our front entry is totally blocked with 600 copies of "Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" AND "Ociee Nash, the Finale." The twins have arrived!!!!!!!
FuzionPrint did a marvelous job with our two Ociees. Thank you, again and again, smart, talented, careful Brian C. Aubitz.

Monday afternoon, my Mercer publisher, Marc Jolley was having copies of "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" loaded into my Jeep. He commented, "This is about a third the number of new books you'll be receiving."
To which my concerned friend added, "Milam, you DO realize how many books that'll be, don't you?"

There's also a box full of 1000 postcards featuring Ociee's photograph, which I'll be using for publicity. Eh gads. There are some mighty busy days ahead for this writer.

Attention volunteers---------any persons wanting to help find places to store the beautiful books are welcome. Better still, all customers wanting to purchase books, COME ON!!!!!!
Ociee is grinning and so am I. Milam

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day Yawl

Well, the luck of the Irish is certainly with Ociee and me on this, the day before the March 17th holiday. I just got word from Brian Aubitz at FuzionPrint that my books are flying south, and, best of all, he says they look TERRIFIC.

The shipment includes 1000 postcards which feature my grandmother's photograph . . . or the primary reason I wanted to write the last book. YES, friends, I wrote an entire novel so we could put the real Ociee Nash on the cover.

A word of warning, however, if you think she appears to be somewhat somber in the portrait, that's because posing with a serious expression on one's face was the custom in the late 1800's. For readers of the series, perhaps you will remember Ociee's lament that her mother's portrait wasn't smiling either. Like mother, like daughter, so they say.
As information, especially for history buffs, the photographic artist was J.E. France, whose studio was in Water Valley, Mississippi.

When I first came upon Ociee's long lost portrait, her image was so badly faded, it was only barely visible. Even so, my friends at Wolf Camera were able to bring her back to life! The first time I saw the enhanced image, I was struck by how similar my grandmother and my mother looked as little girls.

Maybe I should go outside and sit on the front porch, just in case the postman comes early tomorrow! MMP

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ociee's being printed TODAY!

Brian C. Aubitz, the world's most capable and patient printer, tells me we're on the homestretch with our two new books!
Last night he wrote that Book IV, "Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" AND Book V, "Ociee Nash, the Finale" will be shipped to me by March 19!!!!!

My first "Book Release Party" is scheduled for Tuesday, March 23, in Birmingham.

Here at home, Jamey and I are already busy readying things for our gigantic "Authors Gathering and Book Signing" on Sunday, April 18. As mentioned before, eight of my fellow Georgia authors will join in the fun that afternoon. In addition to a variety of book titles, we'll have live music and refreshments. The authors coming include J. Kershaw Cooper, Franklin Cox, Sam Heys, E. C. Putnam, Jaclyn Weldon White, John Wilsterman, Marilynn Winston and Susanne Cohn.

Our Ociee books look amazing, both have inviting covers, and a very nice paper choice and font. Please check them out on my website and see what you think of the real Ociee Nash.
As always, our home will become a bookstore as I begin to inundate our family and friends with Ociee announcements.

As information, Fuzion Print ( offer books for sale through their store in Minneapolis.

This time I'm also trying something a bit different. I've decided to mail books to readers, at least, I'm going to give that a try. A number of people have asked how to purchase autographed books if they live in other states. The only solution I could come up with was to sign and mail the books myself. We'll just have to see how this goes. Hopefully, I'll be so busy, our local post office will tell me to stop bringing in packages!

That's it for now. THINK OCIEE NASH! MMP