Sunday, May 13, 2012


You're used to me writing about writing or speaking. However, this morning I must, instead, salute our son William and his beautiful wife Abigail for co-chairing a marvelous event last night, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Gala. A huge success, they, their dear friends, Donna and Andy Cash, and an amazing committee raised more than $1.5 million for the cause closest to their hearts.

Abby and William's second son, 7-year-old, Emmett is a precious, healthy, smart little boy with huge blue eyes with cheek-sweeping lashes. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was a mere 17- months-old. Yes, that's 17 months.
Now, however, equipped with an insulin pump (thank you, Dr. Bruce Bode), Emmett joyfully plans soccer and baseball, does very well in first grade at Christ the King in Atlanta, and wins the hearts of every person he meets. 

Last night, a tuxedo clad Emmett was an "Ambassador" greeting the approximate 700 guests at the JDRF Gala. Among his official tasks was walking up on stage with his fellow ambassadors to help the auctioneer with various items from golf excursions to Ireland to a trip to North Carolina to have lunch on the movie set of "Iron Man" with Gwyneth Paltrow. Emmett, one of the youngest and cutest children on the stage, carried out his assignments with a big grin, much charm, and ample enthusiasm!

Some day, there will be a book written about Emmett James Propst. Perhaps, the author will be his incredible father. At the Gala, William brought tears to many an eye as he recalled a promise he made to his little man when asked, "Daddy, will I always have diabetes?"

Maybe, the book will be written by his supportive big brother, 10-year-old Loftin, who is already an aspiring author; his first work completed last year as a third grader.

But books can always come later. For now, it is the CURE for Juvenile Diabetes on which we concentrate. Last night's theme was "A Gift of  Time" . . . the time is now, please, God; bless Emmett, Rachel, Gavin, Liam, Beatrice and Katlyn, and all the Gala's courageous ambassadors, bless them with the cure.