Saturday, November 16, 2013


We're just back from a delightful day in Albertville, Alabama, where my husband and I lunched with special people; his sister Maryetta, our niece Mary Shea, and our friend Carolyn. Afterwards, we sent Jamey to the golf course while we girls shopped. Fortunately, I made some headway into my Christmas list.
Oh yes, and I spoke to the Thursday Book Club. Charming ladies were they, AND they served a delicious hummingbird cake. That treat, alone, was worth the drive! Praise be to Jamey, the Man of My Dreams, for driving me over and back.

We arrived home by 9 o'clock, just in time to greet our son Jay after his 39-hour-drive from San Jose, California. Yes, indeed, he drove straight through with only one stop to get some sleep! Jay also filmed scenery along his journey. Picture-taking runs in our artsy family!

So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and lovely holidays to all you readers out there. Don't forget, signed copies of any of my eight books are available for gift giving! Please contact me at: MMP

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great Evening at St. Pius

Jamey, Amanda, and I arrived just after 6 to set up for the St. Pius Literary Evening. Organized by the Alumni Department of St. Pius X High School, the event featured three writers, Judi Mason, Claire Miller, and yours truly.

We three participated in an interesting panel discussion. The younger panelists spoke about high tech issues and communication, while I focused on the funnier aspects of our shared craft. Our common ground, other than being graduates of St. Pius, was that we all love what we do---WRITE. Nothing else can feed our souls.

In a small world moment, Claire and I immediately recognized one another. I remembered her from someplace, while she agreed I looked familiar, too.
"Wait!" I squealed. "You interviewed me for a story in your newspaper."
"That's IT," Claire replied.
We also share a friendship with Georgia author Jackie White.

Judi, author of "The Chloe Chronicles," was especially nice, too. In fact, she's actually offered to help me move forward in the technical arena. Or not. I'd hate to run off such a generous person. Perhaps being colleagues would prove more pleasant for us both!

Tonight was a treat for me with friends, Cynthia and Bill Davis, Bea Hill, and Pius faculty members, including English teacher, Charleen Klister. AND, of course, the Class of 1963, forever loyal, made up much of the audience. What a wonderful group; they were attentive, supportive, and laughed at my stories. Doesn't get much better than that!

Many, many thanks to Vicky Dorsey and to her committee, Sebastian and Kevin, for one super special time. This is why I love my work, I love the audience! MMP