Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You CAN go home!

I'm pretty pumped up about next week. First of all, I've been invited to speak to a group of retired folks at Emory on Tuesday morning. Having been there four times now, I can tell you these people are far more interesting than is this author.

Then on Thursday, November 7, which is Ociee Nash Whitman's birthday, her 125th, I AM going home. Yes, St. Pius X Catholic High School has invited this alum to participate in a Literary Evening from 6:30 to 8 pm at our school.
I almost cannot wait. I have a couple of surprises for the audience. One is I'm planning to don my 1959 yellowed, nasty, moth-eaten blazer. *I'll burn it shortly thereafter!

Our Class of 1963 just celebrated our 50th anniversary. What a terrific weekend we had due in large party to the Alum folks at Pius, headed by Victoria Dorsey, and to our own amazing reunion planning committee.

Upon signing in at the football game that Friday night, I caught a glimpse of a large banner behind the table. First, I spotted a couple of Ociee book covers, then more, then my other books including the new one, "Writer, Writer."
My head immediately swelled. "Holy Cow!" I felt famous!

More good news, my fellow classmates are telling me they're actually coming to the Nov. 7 event.
I'd best get busy with a talk . . . wouldn't want to let down my Pius family. Milam