Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Almost Done!

I'm celebrating with lunch today, tomorrow, and again on Friday. After being cocooned in my study for the better part of a month, this gal is taking a break to chat with long neglected friends and celebrate birthdays.

I'm through the initial drafts of "Writer, Writer," so late spring still looks good for the release date!

As I type this message to you, my sweet Jamey is reading the manuscript for me. Once he's done, I will pass the current draft to my retired teacher friends Jackie and Pam, who will proofread the story. Between the two of them, they've found many a typo through the years. After Jackie and Pam finish, it will be back to the computer for me. That's terrific because for me editing is the fun part of writing books.

Work also goes well with the travel book I'm co-writing with author Jaclyn White. But that's another topic for a blog many moons from now!
Just wanted to let everyone in on the latest. Milam