Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on My School Visit

I have to admit I am totally in love with the third graders at Christ the King.
When we picked up Loftin and Emmett after school today, our older grandson presented me with an interesting envelope. I opened it right on the spot to discover "thank you" letters, cards, and hand-drawn pictures from the darling, polite, smart, talented children to whom I spoke last week.

Several of them promised to become authors, while one actually has designs on making movies. I am most impressed with these enthusiastic students. Many were already reading the Ociee books from the school library while several opted to watch the film first! My grandmother, who honored her own teachers and education, in general, would be proud of these girls and boys.

I had spent the day, frustrated, simply trying to work on my new book during a bit of chaos. Tincture of praise and appreciation from the CKS kids was just what this author needed.
Tomorrow I will begin with renewed vigor!

Thank you, CKS Third Grade

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On a Roll!

My new book is just about writing itself and I'm having a great time! This feels as good as when I first began to pen "Charlotte Street." Big grin from this author!

ALSO I had a terrific time chatting with the 3rd grade class at Christ the King School yesterday. What a delightful and well behaved group of students were these! A major highlight was walking into the school library and seeing a representative from grades one and four.
Guess who they were? None other than Emmett Propst from the first grade and Loftin Propst from fourth . . . made this grandmother's day!

Thank you media specialist, Melanie Brent, for your surprise and for an all around perfect event.

Must get back to work. Milam

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide Rolllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I am supposed to be working on my new book. HOWEVER, this day must belong to the University of Alabama National Championship FOOTBALL TEAM!

We watched last night, mostly standing up and chewing our nails, and cheered our hearts out through all five field goals AND Trent Richardson's picture perfect touchdown. What a game it was!!!!! Jamey, our son Jay, and I are exhausted!

The game took me back to the 60's and to our remarkable four years in Tuscaloosa. Jamey and I were at Alabama during Coach Bryant's kingship, so admittedly, we were spoiled.
That being said, we've not been as caught up in an Alabama victory since the Sugar Bowl in 1993. Another national championship. Brag brag. We were in New Orleans for that upset against the University of Miami. Today feels much the same . . . I may never sleep again!

This writer will soon be off to have lunch with fellow author Jaclyn Weldon White.
***Speaking of SPORTS, Jackie's new book, "The Greatest Champion That Never Was" is a great sports read about boxer W.C. "Young" Stribling.
More than simply a story about an athlete, her book is a compelling study of the life of a very colorful and drop dead georgous man and his equally fascinating family. Her publisher is Mercer University Press. Do yourselves a favor and go to her website or to Mercer's.
I hope and pray there will be a movie from Jackie's book!

I must go now. Should you see me out today and for the next week, I'm wearing my Sugar Bowl shirt, vintage 1993.