Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Northside Neighbor Newspaper and our Postman

Four men made my day today.

#1 Bobby Tedder wrote an absolutely beautiful story in The Northside Neighbor. He managed to write about me and my new book as if we were long time friends. This young man is on his way to becoming a super newspaper reporter.

#2 Photographer Nathan Self took the front page picture of me, and of all eight books, AND of the Man of My Dreams, Jamey Propst. My husband is mentioned rather frequently in "Writer, Writer"!

#3 Northside Neighbor editor Everett Catts started the whole publicity process after we chatted at a local lunch spot, Nancy G's. *Perhaps I should thank Nancy, too. Hmmmm

#4 Our mailman TC arrived at our door just as we were sitting down to dinner. In his hands were fifteen extra copies of the newspaper. Flashing his toothy grin, the gentle man said, "I thought you might need a few extras for your family and friends."
He was right. Jamey is off to mail them to our out of town folks.

Yes, indeed, July 3 has been a very special day at the Propst's house. Thank you, fellows. Milam