Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Lady from Blackfoot Just Made My Day

Sorry, as of late, I've been rather remiss in writing on this blog. I was waiting for the "just right" item to come along, something as special as Jamey's letter of gratitude from the Vietnam soldier in my last message.
Yesterday an e-mail from a young mother in Idaho provided exactly what I needed. The following is one of the nicest fan letters Ociee Nash has ever received.
Here it is:

"Thank you for writing the wonderful stories of Ociee and her family. Your books have brought great delight into our life. I first stumbled upon Ociee through netflix and the great movie "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" which my kids and I have greatly enjoyed. From there I went on Amazon and ordered your first three books of Ociee. What a delight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have read your books with my seven year old daughter mostly before bedtime, while her two little brothers were already in bed. Reading about the life and adventures of your grandmother strengthened the bond between my daughter and me. We thoroughly enjoy your writing and Ociee. The kind spirit of Ociee provides a beautiful role model for my daughter. She loves reading and your books provide a wholesome, family friendly, and clean reading material for my child.
Last night we finished "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" and my daughter and I looked at each other sadly, saying "This is it. This is the last book."
Luckily I went on your website this morning and found out that you have two more books about Ociee and her family. I was so excited, I just about called my daughter at school to tell her the great news. We would love to order the last two books on Ociee from you! Please let me know how much they are and where to send the money.
I can't repeat how grateful I am for your writing and what a wonderful special bond Ociee helped create between my daughter and me. Thank you for your time and talent.
Have a great day!
Manu Hatch from Blackfoot, Idaho"

As I told this lovely young lady, my head is permanently swollen from such generous praise. It is support like this that keeps us writers happily typing away on our computers!
In closing, I sincerely thank my new friend Manu and her charming daughter, Hannah, for this email, as well as for the delightful ones that followed, along with the precious photographs of Hannah, her horse, AND her two little brothers.
By the way, Hannah, age 7, is working on a story of her own. It's about one of her farm animals, but I'll say no more . . . wouldn't want to give away her idea!

Merry Christmas to the Hatch Family and to all dedicated readers of every age. I hope everybody will get a new book or two as a gift this year.

Happy, Healthy New Year, Yawl from Ociee and her Grandgirl