Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ociee is #5!!!!!

Things are popping for Ociee Nash this July 28 afternoon! Just hours after Kindle's offer was posted, "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" was #5 on the site's top 100 list. Naturally, Belle Books, Mercer Press, and this author are thrilled beyond words.

Even better, yours truly, "low-tech Milam" found the process simple to do. Please go to Kindle and type in the book's title. Voila, there she IS! AND FREE.

By the way, new reviews "want a sequel" so please tell your friends there are already FOUR sequels which we'd love to sell! MMP

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OCIEE news!

I know, long time no hear. Sorry, but I was waiting to announce some reeeeeally great news!

"A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street", the first book in the Ociee Nash series, AND the one on which our movie, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash", is based, is available FOR FREE on Kindle now through August 8. Hurry!

This offer from Belle Books is intended to bring in new Ociee readers and drum up business for the other books in our series, "Ociee on Her Own", "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash", Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" and "Ociee Nash, the Finale."

Kindly help me tell folks about this lovely opportunity to meet my grandmother! Also please encourage your family and friends to go to my website Milam McGraw to order books through me.
Having two publishers is complicated! So I'm standing by to answer any and all questions.
Lest you forget, I'm all too happy to SIGN, SELL, AND SHIP copies of ALL my books including "Creola's Moonbeam" and "It May Not Leave a Scar".

Again, the time is short for the free Charlotte Street; July 26-August 8.
Many thanks from Ociee's Granddaughter