Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decision Made!

The last two books in "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" series will come out SOON!
That's TWO books. After much angst, research, and study, I'm going with two 200-page stories, both of which are, this very minute, sailing through cyberspace to a fine young printer in Minnesota!

Brian Aubitz of Fuzion Print is one enthusiastic fellow. In fact, Brian tells me "we" can anticipate seeing the new covers in just a couple of weeks. ("We" being one Jamey Propst, my new business partner, in this two-book venture of ours.)

Here's the most exciting part of the project for me. The final cover will feature a recently discovered and restored photograph of my beloved grandmother as a little girl. Five books into her story, and I'd never seen her as a child!!!! More about this will be shared in future blogs.

Ociee's grinnin' grandgirl

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Idea

My new book or books will be out in April, if not sooner; and I'm looking for input from Ociee's loyal readers. This book/s will mark the conclusion of the Ociee Nash series. AND, da, da, DAAA, there's going to be a little surprise at the very end, an epilogue. Lots of folks have asked me about the "older Ociee" so this may answer some of your questions about my grandmother.

At present, I'm thinking about combining the last two Ociee novels (numbers 4 and 5) into one, a two-part book of some 400 pages. Whatcha think about that?

As always, I'll keep everyone posted on this blog. Anyone wanting a copy hot off the press, be sure to let me know. Milam

Monday, January 11, 2010


I understand Kindle is quite a nice device for folks who want to read books electronically yet still enjoy having something to hold in their hands. So it is with great pleasure I announce the first two books in the Ociee series are available on Kindle: "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" and "Ociee on Her Own."

In case you missed it, our FILM, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" is available on Netflix. Jamey and I need to heed our son's advice and sign up for that good deal.

The above said, I'm sure my sainted grandmother's eyebrow is raised, and she's urging readers to go to Mercer University Press and order the first two books the old-fashioned way, and then go to Belle Books to order the most recent in the series: "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash."
Ociee might also suggest checking out "Creola's Moonbeam" which, by the way, is a novel based loosely on her granddaughter's own real life experiences.

Now if all of this is completely confusing, just call me and come by. I've stockpiled everything in the guest room closet!

Happy reading or viewing or clicking or whatever is your pleasure. Milam

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tide Rolled and 2010 Brings New Ideas

Of course, we are delighted our beloved BAMA won the National Football Championship. However, as a mom, I'm sick about the University of Texas quarterback and his awful injury. It was worlds more fun to beat Florida. That said, I'm mighty happy for the University of Alabama and the players, and for the fans, the coaches, and for the proud parents of players, too.
By the way, congratulations to Joel Davis's parents Cynthia and Bill. Their son wrangled a last minute ticket to the game and added to his family's treasure trove of memories as lifelong Tide fans. *They are so crimson and white, we're still amazed Joel is Joel and not "BEAR" Davis.

We're finally beginning to thaw out from an ice and snow storm here in what was formerly referred to as Hotlanta. If you're staying inside like us, curl up and finish reading "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" because a new book is coming in the spring. I'm doing something different this time; the book will be 400 pages telling several stories in two parts.

If you're interested in coming to my release party, please let me know. I'm having several other authors as well so there will be reading material for every taste. Much more about the party and the book will appear here in the weeks to come. Right now, this writer has bunches of work to do.

Happy New Year, Milam