Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Morning!

This week, thanks to Loftin's teacher, Eta Nagle, I spent time with the entire fifth grade of Christ the King School. Not only were the students polite and attentive, but they also asked very interesting questions.
For example, one young man wanted to know who might be my "muse." So surprised was I, I hesitated in making a reply.
The bright 5th grader quickly responded, "You understand, Mrs. Propst, I want to know who is your inspiration."
Of course, I told the class my muse was my beloved grandmother, Ociee Nash.

Another rather astute little girl questioned George Nash's reason for sending Ociee away from her family farm  in Mississippi to Asheville, N.C. I often leave out the fact that Ociee's mother had died because I don't want to make young audiences fearful about losing their parents.
However, her question provided me with an opportunity to explain the importance of those dreadful immunization shots children must have before going to school. Had such shots been available in 1897, Ociee's mother surely wouldn't have died from measles.

I was impressed with the entire fifth grade. I came home wearing a smile on my face and carrying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, some of which are lilies. Our house smells ever so sweet. And my smile continues.

In closing, I must thank the three gentlemen who escorted me to and from my talk. Included were Loftin and his friends, Jack and Jared. They even carried my props and posies.
*Yes, Loftin, you may interview me any time you like. I'd be honored.

Now it's back to work for me. I have another talk to prepare for next week, this one is for grownups. And I have book to edit; this because Loftin has asked me to get busy!

Congratulations to Christ the King School. You produce lovely children. Milam