Thursday, September 9, 2010

An unexpected thank you note . . .

Yesterday I received the most surprising email. Seems a young man was looking for his father's hero who turned out to be-----are you ready? My husband Jamey!!!!
He found the man of my dreams through a search which connected him to Jamey's character in "The Adventures of Ociee Nash". The determined guy then wrote to me through my website asking, "Is your husband the Jamey Propst who went to the University of Alabama?"

Long story shortened, the fellow wanted to locate Jamey for his father Tom, who had long hoped to thank Jamey for saving his life. Yes, indeed! While my dear husband was serving in Vietnam, one job he had was assisting new arrivals with their assignments. Upon hearing Tom's warm Southern drawl, Jamey immediately recognized him from their ROTC days at the university. Apparently, Jamey had acquired some "Brownie Points" and was able to redirect his buddy's orders to a much safer spot down in South Vietnam.
Here 40+ years later, Tom plans to correspond with Jamey to extend a word of thanks. Can't wait for the two of them to chat.

Yet another benefit of writing books and my blog is reconnecting with folks from our past. THIS, however, was a very special such connection. Lt. Jamey Propst was reminded of something he'd been able to do for someone, oh so long ago. As his wife, it was especially nice to discover his ROTC buddy has been speaking kindly of my guy for more than four decades and counting!

I am mighty proud of my husband; retired banker, fabulous grandpa, great golfer, and now, "life-saver", at least, in the heart of one man's family. MMP