Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great time last night with teachers!

Good morning, y'all,

Last evening, I spoke to a delightful group of teachers at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School. I took books, of course, and expected chatting for 30 minutes or so. Weeeelllll, what a fun group were they! For more than two hours, these charming gals asked questions, listened and laughed, and even bought books.

My precious friend, Marilyn Bailey, a retired teacher, finally brought me home in time for the 10 p.m. news. I'm hoping my audience may want to meet for lunch, because I so enjoyed their company. Nothing feeds a writer more deliciously than being asked questions about her craft.

Boosted by their enthusiastic interest in my books, I bravely went on Facebook a couple of minutes ago and mentioned having just received two more cartons of  my memoir, "WRITER, WRITER." My guest room closet is overflowing. HELP ME!

Thanks again to the Holy Innocents' book club. I love you all. Milam

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Writer, Writer arrived today!!!!

I'm en route to the party store to buy one of those storks folks put in the yard to announce a new baby. Ours will read, "It's a BOOK!" (Thank you, Mary Ann, for the clever idea.) Loftin and Emmett, our adorable grandboys, to whom the book is dedicated, will help me with this, my initial marketing effort.

Brian Aubitz gets all the credit for producing "Writer, Writer," while our son Jay's precious girlfriend, Summer Paul, designed the perfect cover. It looks marvelous, you two!!!

The first two boxes have already arrived, and there's an offer for a party down the road. So we're on our way! I love being an author, especially on days like today!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Books Are Coming Any Day!

Just got the word "Writer, Writer" will be here any day now! I'll make the announcement on my blog and on Facebook! Milam