Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things are Hoppin'

Happy Easter, Happy Springtime, Happy Reading!

If you read my blogs, you'll know how much this author enjoys receiving fan mail, most especially, letters from young readers.
Well, my latest favorite emails are from a darling girl named Janey. She is reading the entire Ociee series (YES, SHE IS!!!). Janey has told me, even though she's living in 2011, not in 1898, when the stories are set, she finds she has something in common with both Ociee and Elizabeth Murphy. For example, Janey is adventuresome and rather curious.
I've also taken notice about how SMART this young lady is.

For my part, I'm having a delightful time sharing with Janey some of the secrets in my books, such as who the real Elizabeth was/IS, and the fact that the big fire in the movie and in "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" actually took place some 100 years AFTER Ociee Nash lived in Asheville!

I'm also having lots of fun talking to audiences about my work. A couple of school visits, a book club appearance, and a trip to the Highlands to teach a class are on my schedule in the coming weeks.

But, prior to these events, I will have a booksigning at our neighborhood pharmacy here in Atlanta. Yes, indeed, all of my books are currently being shelved at Tuxedo Pharmacy on Wieuca Road, a charming shopping destination noted for its fine selection of gifts, childrens items, wonderful greeting cards, and books by local authors.
Wanting to do something special around Mother's Day, Robin, the gift buyer, invited me to visit the store for a couple of hours the first week of May. Kindly write to my e-mail address for details.

I'll close now with best wishes for each and everyone, especially for Janey, for Robin and the folks at Tuxedo Pharmacy, Milam