Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Morning!

This week, thanks to Loftin's teacher, Eta Nagle, I spent time with the entire fifth grade of Christ the King School. Not only were the students polite and attentive, but they also asked very interesting questions.
For example, one young man wanted to know who might be my "muse." So surprised was I, I hesitated in making a reply.
The bright 5th grader quickly responded, "You understand, Mrs. Propst, I want to know who is your inspiration."
Of course, I told the class my muse was my beloved grandmother, Ociee Nash.

Another rather astute little girl questioned George Nash's reason for sending Ociee away from her family farm  in Mississippi to Asheville, N.C. I often leave out the fact that Ociee's mother had died because I don't want to make young audiences fearful about losing their parents.
However, her question provided me with an opportunity to explain the importance of those dreadful immunization shots children must have before going to school. Had such shots been available in 1897, Ociee's mother surely wouldn't have died from measles.

I was impressed with the entire fifth grade. I came home wearing a smile on my face and carrying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, some of which are lilies. Our house smells ever so sweet. And my smile continues.

In closing, I must thank the three gentlemen who escorted me to and from my talk. Included were Loftin and his friends, Jack and Jared. They even carried my props and posies.
*Yes, Loftin, you may interview me any time you like. I'd be honored.

Now it's back to work for me. I have another talk to prepare for next week, this one is for grownups. And I have book to edit; this because Loftin has asked me to get busy!

Congratulations to Christ the King School. You produce lovely children. Milam

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks to Loftin!

Today Jamey and I took our grandsons, Loftin and Emmett, to Barnes & Noble. After making our selections, I wandered over to the Nook Book section. Thankfully, 10-year-old Loftin went with me.
"So this is the nook thingamagig," I commented.
"Look, MyMy, it's pretty cool. Let's see if your books are listed," he suggested.
We typed in my name, and, glory be, up popped all five Ociee Nash books along with "Creola's Moonbeam"!
I was so thrilled, I whipped out my camera and took a picture. Fortunately, Loftin is still young enough that he's not easily embarrassed by his grandmother. It was a perfect trip to the bookstore!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ociee Takes Flight!!!

Great news!
I'm not sure what this might lead to, but the last two novels in the Ociee Nash Series have just been bumped up to "PREMIUM" on Smashwords.
They'll now ship to Barnes & Noble, where they're available for the Nook Book (joining "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street," "Ociee on Her Own," and "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash," along with "Creola's Moonbeam," which is NOT an Ociee series book. (*It's a "wishful thinking" autobiography of sorts).
AND they are ALSO shipped to Apple, ready to download via the iPad; go to Sony, Kobo, etc., and to all other retailers with which Smashwords is connected.

To think, in 1898, little 9-year-old Ociee Nash once climbed aboard a train bound for Asheville, North Carolina. Now she's flying through space and into homes all over the world. Not bad for a little farm girl from Marshall County, Mississippi!

As for me, her granddaughter, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Thank you, everyone, for helping us spread the exciting news!

Sincerely, Milam

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Important Information!

Just a quick note to readers: the address to reach my new link at Smashwords and to see the last two online Ociee books is:

We would love to know what you think!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Online, a new home for Ociee!!

I think we're in business thanks to a brilliant gal in North Georgia, who has worked diligently with me to put two books on Smashwords! The patience of a saint has Miss Mae.

The books on Smashwords are "Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" and "Ociee Nash, the Finale."
That's all five of the Ociee books ONLINE!!!!!
**Nook Book houses online editions of "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street," "Ociee on Her Own" and "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash."

OKAY, I'm taking Bella the Dog for a richly deserved walk!!!!

Happy Reading, Happy Reading Online, Yawl! Milam

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Preview

Friends, family, and fans, here's a little preview of some upcoming publishing news.
First, however, for a bit of background; "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street," "Ociee on Her Own," and "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" along with "Creola's Moonbeam" (not part of the Ociee Nash series) have been available on Book Nook (Barnes and Noble) for a couple of years.

So it just seems right to share online with her readers the last two in the Ociee series . I've been working with a lady named Miss Mae, who's "nursed" me through the task of sending into cyberspace "Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" and "Ociee Nash, the Finale."

Of course, it will take additional time to get this done completely, but if you simply click on the site below you should be able to get to "Ociee Nash, the Finale."

I'm particularly excited about this project and hope that more and more readers will meet Ociee Nash and her fellow characters in the 5-book series.
Hats off to Miss Mae for her patience and persistence, AND for her wonderful cover for Ociee's FINALE! Thank you, Miss Mae.

Feel free to let me know whatcha think. ENJOY!!! Milam

Sunday, May 13, 2012


You're used to me writing about writing or speaking. However, this morning I must, instead, salute our son William and his beautiful wife Abigail for co-chairing a marvelous event last night, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Gala. A huge success, they, their dear friends, Donna and Andy Cash, and an amazing committee raised more than $1.5 million for the cause closest to their hearts.

Abby and William's second son, 7-year-old, Emmett is a precious, healthy, smart little boy with huge blue eyes with cheek-sweeping lashes. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was a mere 17- months-old. Yes, that's 17 months.
Now, however, equipped with an insulin pump (thank you, Dr. Bruce Bode), Emmett joyfully plans soccer and baseball, does very well in first grade at Christ the King in Atlanta, and wins the hearts of every person he meets. 

Last night, a tuxedo clad Emmett was an "Ambassador" greeting the approximate 700 guests at the JDRF Gala. Among his official tasks was walking up on stage with his fellow ambassadors to help the auctioneer with various items from golf excursions to Ireland to a trip to North Carolina to have lunch on the movie set of "Iron Man" with Gwyneth Paltrow. Emmett, one of the youngest and cutest children on the stage, carried out his assignments with a big grin, much charm, and ample enthusiasm!

Some day, there will be a book written about Emmett James Propst. Perhaps, the author will be his incredible father. At the Gala, William brought tears to many an eye as he recalled a promise he made to his little man when asked, "Daddy, will I always have diabetes?"

Maybe, the book will be written by his supportive big brother, 10-year-old Loftin, who is already an aspiring author; his first work completed last year as a third grader.

But books can always come later. For now, it is the CURE for Juvenile Diabetes on which we concentrate. Last night's theme was "A Gift of  Time" . . . the time is now, please, God; bless Emmett, Rachel, Gavin, Liam, Beatrice and Katlyn, and all the Gala's courageous ambassadors, bless them with the cure.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Much too much fun!

I've had the best time since finishing my new manuscript. I've been talking to folks about books and writing and anything else they wanted to discuss. A couple of weeks ago,I had a terrific audience in Huntsville, where my sister-in-law Maryetta so nicely gathered her friends to listen to my tales of movie making and book writing. The girls were so enthusiastic, I felt like a sure 'nuf star! Then last week, my sweet friend Patty invited me to chat with her book club, a group peopled with ladies I always enjoy. Today was extra special, too. I went to Lovett School, where the kindergartners in Faye Odum's class asked wonderful questions and shared their thoughts on writing with me. So smart, so attentive, so precious were these students! One of the kindergarten authors was our darling 6-year-old neighbor, Margaret French,who wore a star proclaiming her "Student of the Week." It seems to me getting out and visiting with readers is far more fun than writing books!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I finished my new book, and, yesterday, drove down to Macon to present the manuscript to Mercer University Press. I had a delightful luncheon meeting with Publisher Marc Jolley and his incredible assistant, Marsha Luttrell.
Fingers crossed, toes, too, I hope MUP will like the story. I should hear back from Mercer in mid-summer.
YES, the process does take forever, but the end product is well worth the effort.

Now what? For starters, I'm going to walk my dog Bella and try to get off the extra five pounds I added as I ate my way through creativity! Milam

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Book

A few months ago, our grandson Loftin asked me when I was going to write another book.
"Never!" I replied. "I'd rather play with you and Emmett."

However, Loftin's words continued to replay over and over in my mind. So, just after the first of the year, I began with some ideas, and those thoughts have now turned into a new book, one I've simply loved writing.

A story meant for grownups, it's currently in the hands of my friend Jackie Brown, a retired school teacher, who has edited all seven of my books. The next step will be to take Jackie's changes and to edit again and again ... until the story "seems" good enough for the time being.

Eventually, (hopefully in March), I'll give the manuscript to my publisher. I'll keep everyone informed as to what happens next. I would announce the title, but, for now it must remain a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I just wanted to let everyone in on what's going on at my computer. Wish me luck. Milam

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on My School Visit

I have to admit I am totally in love with the third graders at Christ the King.
When we picked up Loftin and Emmett after school today, our older grandson presented me with an interesting envelope. I opened it right on the spot to discover "thank you" letters, cards, and hand-drawn pictures from the darling, polite, smart, talented children to whom I spoke last week.

Several of them promised to become authors, while one actually has designs on making movies. I am most impressed with these enthusiastic students. Many were already reading the Ociee books from the school library while several opted to watch the film first! My grandmother, who honored her own teachers and education, in general, would be proud of these girls and boys.

I had spent the day, frustrated, simply trying to work on my new book during a bit of chaos. Tincture of praise and appreciation from the CKS kids was just what this author needed.
Tomorrow I will begin with renewed vigor!

Thank you, CKS Third Grade

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On a Roll!

My new book is just about writing itself and I'm having a great time! This feels as good as when I first began to pen "Charlotte Street." Big grin from this author!

ALSO I had a terrific time chatting with the 3rd grade class at Christ the King School yesterday. What a delightful and well behaved group of students were these! A major highlight was walking into the school library and seeing a representative from grades one and four.
Guess who they were? None other than Emmett Propst from the first grade and Loftin Propst from fourth . . . made this grandmother's day!

Thank you media specialist, Melanie Brent, for your surprise and for an all around perfect event.

Must get back to work. Milam

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide Rolllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I am supposed to be working on my new book. HOWEVER, this day must belong to the University of Alabama National Championship FOOTBALL TEAM!

We watched last night, mostly standing up and chewing our nails, and cheered our hearts out through all five field goals AND Trent Richardson's picture perfect touchdown. What a game it was!!!!! Jamey, our son Jay, and I are exhausted!

The game took me back to the 60's and to our remarkable four years in Tuscaloosa. Jamey and I were at Alabama during Coach Bryant's kingship, so admittedly, we were spoiled.
That being said, we've not been as caught up in an Alabama victory since the Sugar Bowl in 1993. Another national championship. Brag brag. We were in New Orleans for that upset against the University of Miami. Today feels much the same . . . I may never sleep again!

This writer will soon be off to have lunch with fellow author Jaclyn Weldon White.
***Speaking of SPORTS, Jackie's new book, "The Greatest Champion That Never Was" is a great sports read about boxer W.C. "Young" Stribling.
More than simply a story about an athlete, her book is a compelling study of the life of a very colorful and drop dead georgous man and his equally fascinating family. Her publisher is Mercer University Press. Do yourselves a favor and go to her website or to Mercer's.
I hope and pray there will be a movie from Jackie's book!

I must go now. Should you see me out today and for the next week, I'm wearing my Sugar Bowl shirt, vintage 1993.