Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marketing is hard!

After I put a huge wooden stork in our front yard announcing "It's a BOOK," any number of neighbors called to congratulate us on a new grandchild. That would be wonderful, of course, but it's sadly not the case.

This is to say, although I was schooled in marketing and worked for years in PR, promoting "Writer, Writer" has not been my strong point thus far. At least, it wasn't going well until yesterday. A charming young reporter, Bobby Tedder from The Northside Neighbor, interviewed me for an upcoming article. I was so excited, I all but burned off his ears talking about the new book and about the other seven long since published. Bobby was polite and encouraging, and he even sent a photographer named Nathan to take my picture this morning.

Here's the best part. Jamey was rushing out the door to play golf when Nathan stopped him.
"I've read your wife's book, you must be 'The Man of Her Dreams'? Come on, jump into the picture with her."

Always my champion, Jamey obliged. Outfit-wise, we didn't match. My husband was ready for sport, while I was dressed to enhance my reputation as an author. But then again, it didn't really matter. Jamey and I just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary on Monday, so Nathan's timing was perfect. We'll have a professional anniversary photo. Next time we're in the paper, perhaps we'll be celebrating our 50th. By then maybe I will have sold out our guest room closet full of books!

The article should be out in a couple of weeks, I don't know when for sure. I will announce it on Facebook.
Ah, my marketing campaign has taken flight! MMP