Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is Anyone Out There?

I am not sure I have many readers for my blog and am seriously thinking of closing it down! BUT, in the meantime, here's one last howdy-do.

I've had a wonderful winter speaking to ladies groups, notably, to the two most recent. I addressed a fabulous gathering, "Clipped Wings," which included 150 charming retired Delta Airlines folks. Not only did they laugh at my stories and cheer me on, but they also bought lots and lots of books. And they treated me to a yummy lunch at a lovely Atlanta Italian spot. Special thanks to my friend, Bea, a former president, for arranging the event. I had a blast!

Secondly, just this Thursday, another darling friend, Beth, had me talk to an organization she adores, as do I, PEO. A women's service group and sisterhood, these remarkable ladies were extremely hospitable and welcoming. They, too, fed me in a member's fabulous home. Sounds like I work for food!

No, this is not entirely true. I work to encourage other artists to pursue their creative endeavors and to follow their dreams, whether it's to become a painter, a writer, or, perhaps even better, to become the most satisfied and complete person they can be. As for me, I just happen to have found my path by becoming an author.

My next major adventure is Monte Sano Writers Conference in Huntsville, Alabama on April 5. It's right up my alley, too, with the theme being "What Makes You Come Alive?"
This is an especially good topic for Spring 2014 given the dreadfully nasty winter we've experienced or may still experience. Yikes!
Their topic also gets my juices boiling to think of the eager participants who want to create. So I'd best get busy preparing my talks and lesson plans right now! For addition information, contact

Stay warm and be creative! Milam