Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Greetings! I'm almost blind, have gained a few pounds, and have lost most of my friends, BUT I am done with the fifth in the series of our Ociee Nash Adventures. Hip hip hooooorah!
Tomorrow night at a dinner with the girls, I'll present two copies to my friends, Jackie Brown and Pam Weeks because they are always the first to read my novels. This has been a tradition since 1995 or so when I first gathered my courage to have them read my work. Before I send this manuscript to Belle Books, the ladies will give me their honest opinions.
Just had to announce this news. In my opinion, the Ociee series keeps getting better. Cocky? Maybe it's Ociee Nash's voice you hear.
Good night all, Milam

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NICE REVIEW! Author is over the moon!

I had a lovely visit with the very bright and charming middle school girls at Pinecrest School yesterday. Tomorrow I get to lunch and chat with The Metro Atlanta Better Film Council, so this is a good week, indeed.

That said, Deb Smith just sent me this absolutely marvelous review. I don't like to brag much, but this one is a doozie! Please allow me one giant grin. Milam

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash by Milam McGraw Propst

Eleven-year-old Ociee Nash was born and raised on a farm in Abbeville, Mississippi in the late 19th century. A year after her mother died, when Ociee was only 9, she headed to Asheville, North Carolina to live with her Aunt Mamie. Her adventures there are recorded in "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street". Ociee came back home in "Ociee on Her Own" for her brother, Fred's wedding and now she's moving, with her father and her other brother Ben, to Memphis, Tennessee where Fred and his wife live.

Ociee Nash, like Pollyanna and Anne Shirley, has a knack for making people love her. Early in life Ociee learned that a person's appearance has nothing to do with their inner beauty and in her third book of adventures, she once again proves that a caring heart and a willingness to look beyond a person's outside, can break down walls and create friends.

The author has based these books on the life of her grandmother, the real Ociee Nash. Knowing that the books are a fictionalization of a real person's life brings added depths to the major events and lessons in Ociee's life. Though they're intended for an audience much younger than I, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and would highly recommend them for children between the ages of 8 and 11. If I had a little girl, I know I'd encourage her to find Ociee Nash.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Adventures of Ociee Nash

I'm preparing for a couple of talks next week, one is to the students at Pinecrest Academy. For inspiration, I decided to Google the movie trailer for "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." The film was based on my first book, "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street."
Viewing the marvelous footage brought tears to my eyes when I saw Skyler Day as Ociee and Bill Butler as Ben in their first encounter with the Gypsy who was so wonderfully portrayed by Atlanta actor, Anthony Rodriguez.

Kristen McGary and her sister Amy McGary kindly allowed me to be on their set everyday as they filmed. As info,the two also wrote, directed, and produced the movie. One of these days, I want to write a book about this, the most exciting experience of my entire professional life!

I'll happily share more about the story of my book's becoming a movie, but now it's time to celebrate our son William's birthday. He, his wife Abigail, and their first son Loftin played passengers on Ociee's train as she traveled from Mississippi to North Carolina in the year 1898. William still talks about how hot and itchy his vintage wool suit was!

Please check out the film in its entirety (Netflix, Amazon or Blockbuster) and let me know if you enjoy it . . . hopefully, you will, almost as much as did this author tonight, October 15, 2009. Milam

P.S. As I sign off, I'm looking at an old photo of my grandmother Ociee Nash Whitman holding brand new baby William in her arms, circa: 1972. MMP

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thank you, Martin Lammon for our gift.
Because of this talented poet and charming friend, whom we met at Sandhills Writers Conference in March, several of us enjoyed a private tour of Flannery O'Connor's home, "Andalusia". What a delight, what an encouragement to walk the same land as did this incredibly gifted woman. I returned home on fire to complete the first draft of my new book. That said, I feel unworthy to refer to myself as "an author" having surveyed Flannery's untouched room, the very spot where she created so many of her amazing stories.

Touring with Jamey and me were artist and children's author, Phyllis Tildes and her husband Bill. We four would recommend a trip to Milledgeville, Georgia's first capital. There's much to see; number one on the list is Flannery's farm. By the way, the peacocks are coming back . . . we "met" three of them!

I must sign off now and try to come up with an appropriate name for an old character made anew. Wish Flannery would whisper a suggestion in my ear. MMP

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ociee's getting fat!

Most women would be upset, not me. Ociee is gaining weight. Belle Books e-mailed me this evening with the news "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" is being reprinted in a format that will make her 30 or so pages longer. In a word, she'll become short and squatty, just like her author!

I went onto Amazon only to discover "Further" is N/A, not available. Yikes! Are we all sold out? There's a nice ring to that!
Please hang on a couple of days and the new and improved design will be there awaiting your purchase. She can be ordered from Belle Books, which I recommend, or through Amazon or by calling Barnes & Noble, Borders, or better, any INDEPENDENT (please support them!) bookstore.

Good day, Milam

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garnett Cobb turns 100 years old today!!!

To put Garnett Cobb's birth date (October 3, 1909) into proper prospective, only nine years after my books' main character Ociee traveled to Memphis in a horse-drawn wagon (1900), Garnett Cobb was born.
This weekend we celebrate the event with her children, Tommy and Sandra Cobb, and her family including my oldest friend, Betty Ann Putnam Colley. On Sunday, two hundred and fifty, that's 250 of Garnett's closest friends will gather at the Williams-Payne Museum for a party in her honor.

As info, many years ago, Garnett and BA's mother, Frances Cobb Putnam, rode on the back of the transport truck which moved the historic home to its current location on Sandy Springs Circle. How fitting the party honoring Garnett will be held there.

In case readers wonder how she's doing, the 100-year-old lady is upbeat, remarkably healthy, beautifully dressed and well groomed, and very, VERY excited about her party. Garnett remains much a part of the city of Sandy Springs and continues to set the standard as a wife and mother, friend, banker, and volunteer extraordinarie!

I'm just relieved we made the cut for her party. MMP