Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Parks Series

I'm supposed to be hard at work writing Ociee V for Fall 2010, but I'm taking ample time off to watch a fabulous new series on PBS. It's another Ken Burns gem; this one is about our National Parks. I'm enjoying the series so much I'm tempted to shelve my grandmother's stories all together, jump into my Jeep, and head due west to Yosemite! Anybody wanna to come along with me?
At very least, close this blog, turn off your computer, and run, do not walk to your nearest TV!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gotcha Covered

I've spent a delightful afternoon reading a charming book featuring aprons, yes aprons, vintage ones. Each apron tells a story! Penned by 49 retired nurses, "Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection" was lovingly published in an effort to support registered nurses in Kenya. All proceeds will assist these valiant women through a charitable organization, Burning Bush, Inc.

Nurse or not, cook or anti-cook, every woman should treat herself to this step back in time for a visit with a mother or sibling, a grandmother or beloved aunt. Like a treasured family quilt, some of the apron pieces will call up laughter, while others, a tear, and for some, a knowing smile.

I googled "Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection" and found all the info I needed. Milam

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you, Kelsey

Ociee must be grinning this day.

My friend, 12-year old Kelsey Fitzpatrick, was walking down the hall of her middle school reading "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" when another student passed by her. According to Kelsey, the young lady was also reading . . . the novel in her hand was one of the earlier books about my heroine. Be still my heart! Wonder if it was Charlotte Street or Ociee on Her Own?

AS INFO: when Kelsey was much younger, she and her Nana were "extras" in the film, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." Readers are encouraged to look for Kelsey and Nana in the final scene which, by the way, was shot at Agnes Scott College here in Atlanta.

Kelsey, many thanks to you and to your grandmother for sharing this story with me, AND for spending that whole long and very hot day in 2002 filming our movie! Milam

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today Atlanta is fighting flood waters. As I write, many people we know are actually having to evacuate their homes.
After dinner tonight, our son Jay and I went by a friend's mother's home to make sure she was safe. Thankfully, she was. But much of her neighborhood was under water, waist deep water, so much so, many families were packing up to leave. Because the water was so deep, a huge firetruck couldn't reach some of the stranded folks. Fast thinking Jay raced home, loaded our canoe on his truck, and gave it to the firemen. The men paddled off down to the end of the street and rescued all the flood victims.

My husband bought the canoe on Ebay. His purchase became a great family joke. We've used the bloomin' thing a grand total of two times . . . it's too darn heavy to move! Jamey hardly got it out of a lake after his first ill-fated outing. The second and only other time it was used, Jamey and I posed in it in our swimming pool, our attempt at a humorous Christmas card . . . to rave reviews!

But tonight, some five years later, the canoe finally found its calling.

Another mention of the "man of my dreams," he is a sweetheart. Jamey took an obviously distraught neighbor to her sister's home along with her cat and dog. He also drove to Kroger and picked up fresh cat litter for the frazzled pet.
Hopefully, the rain is over . . . for all concerned, especially for the poor little kitten. MMP

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hopeful News about Ociee Nash

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm supposed to be writing Ociee V. Well, I'm not, because I'd rather write to you.
Deb Smith just told me that she's sending out a gigantic email today---an "e-blast" she calls it. The e-blast will appear on 150,000 computer screens to promote our three Ociee books. Try to think of this as a fine cut of "filet" NOT spam!
She also mentioned a blogger named J. Kaye, who apparently loves our Ociee girl and said some mighty nice things about her in an online review. My hope-filled heart is beating extra fast as I type all this glorious news to you.
Have a lovely weekend.
I AM going back to work now. MMP

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Being an author can be rather humbling. For example, fellow author Anabel Alderman tells this story. She asked her dearest friend why she'd not yet read her book. After all, it had been out for several months. Naturally, Anabel's feelings were hurt.
The friend replied with an extremely apologetic, sugary, sincere Southern drawl, "Huuunny, I've been meaning to read yo' nice story. Truly, Anabel darlin', I have. Fact is I just had to clean out my freezer first."

Along those lines, I was preparing to sign "It May Not Leave a Scar" at an event where I'd just spoken. A lady in the audience came up to me. Grinning from ear to ear she announced, "I got your book on Amazon. Guess what I paid for it?"
"I give up. How much?"
She placed the book in my hands. As I put pen to paper, she said, "Fifty-three cents."

So here's my suggestion. If you'd like to catch up with the Ociee series, you may want to go to Amazon for the first two: "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" and "Ociee on Her Own." The movie "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" is also available there and at Blockbusters.
**PLEASE PAY MORE THAN ONE DOLLAR or don't tell me about it! Milam

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So here's what happened today. I ran into a member of my garden club who said she didn't have anyone for whom to buy "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash." I was astonished. Speechless actually.
Kim Russell, my way smart real estate friend, suggested I blog about this shocking dilemma. Good idea. Sooooooooo pleeeze believe my BOOK IS WRITTEN for folks of ALL AGES. Yes, it looks like a children's book with the idea that young girls and boys will pick it up to read. However, the first two Ociee books, "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" and "Ociee on Her Own" have been enjoyed by readers of every age. This one is no different. Thank you, Kim. I hope you'll sell another house tomorrow! MMP
Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. The weather was most inviting for us here in Atlanta, and our friend George Elliott (Crazy Starfish) had very successful photography sales in Marietta's Art in the Park. On Sunday, we took a break from George's show and journeyed over to the Decatur Book Festival. As always, it was fabulous.

Here's some information regarding our film "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." Jamey and I don't yet subscribe to Netflix. Should we? Anyway, Joel Davis just told his folks that our film is available on Netflix. Seeing the movie makes for a fine introduction to Ociee Nash.

Speaking of my grandmother Ociee, the first box containing "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" was delivered yesterday. Nothing beats opening a UPS box and finding one's own work stacked up and ready to sell!
Our grandsons Loftin and Emmett were over playing at the time. Emmett's jet pack for his Star Wars Halloween costume was delivered along with the books. Much excitement!!!

BY THE WAY, because we do have these two little boys in our lives, Ociee's books are focusing more on her brother Ben. Also in "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" there's a new character named Billy Boy Williams.
*This is important news for my friend Linda who wants me to speak to a "girls only" class. Linda, I write about boys as well! MMP

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BIG NEWS FOR OCIEE!!!! I must announce an amazing accomplishment for our Ociee. Her first story "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street" has recently become available "online" through Belle Books.
AND the news, drumroll, please----Da DA Daaaaaa:
Deb Smith emailed me two minutes ago. She wrote, "Flowers is at No. 6 on the Fictionwise Children's List. That makes it a bonafide top-ten bestseller."
To which she added, "YAY."
To which I add, "Bless you, Deb Smith!" Milam

Another mention about George Elliott Photography:
I hope everyone will drop by and see his work at the Marietta Art Show over Labor Day weekend. Please check my blog below for details.

I'm simply grinning about everything today! MMP