Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Yawl

I'm waiting for out-of-towners to arrive and am not only ready but actually "chompin' at the bit" to give warm welcoming hugs to everyone. I love Thanksgiving because there's no wrapping paper involved, just lotsa good food, fine conversation, and much laughter. It's fast becoming my favorite holiday because it's uncomplicated and seems to bring out the best in people.

Today I got a call from my friend Helen who's on her way to the mountains to celebrate with the huge Murray family; trying to count her five siblings and all of their family members is beyond my math skill. We have only 22 all together and we will be "all together" this year. *Another reason I'm in such a happy frame of mind.

Anyway Helen did tell me something I want to pass on . . . there's an article in the Northside Neighbor Newspapers about Ociee. I'm announcing this on the good faith she's not only correct, BUT also that the story is a positive one and that this author doesn't look too bad!

Must close, headlights just came up our drive way! They're here . . .
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and to all of yours. Milam

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