Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just in time . . .

I was beginning to get a tad discouraged wondering how people liked the new Ociee story. THEN today came the nicest review on "Google Alerts". The reviewer said some lovely things which, in humility, I'm a bit reluctant to repeat to you. However, here's one great point she made which I am delighted to both hear and share with you.

My Take on the Book:
For the third installment of the series, it did not disappoint. With all the great adventures of this young woman, and her family. It is a pleasure to read about her life. Usually the final book is more boring than previous, however I found myself just as rapt as the previous books. I had to know the outcome, and was so happy at the end! Of the three books, so far, this was my favorite. I hope the next will be just as good! A great read for any young girl!

It is sooooooo nice to learn "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" is her favorite of the three. Why? Because it's my favorite, too. The marvelous Georgia author Terry Kay taught me how to best reply to the question, "Which book of yours do you like the most?" Terry said, "Milam, always say it's your most recent one!"

Not only am I following his advice, but I'm also being perfectly honest. One thing I enjoy about this new story is it includes some little boys. Ben Nash, Ociee's brother gets more of the spotlight and there's a brand new character, Billy Boy Williams.

Thank you "Freda's Voice" for your generous remarks. Milam

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