Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi everyone,

The good news is my book "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" is coming out SOON-- September 1st, to be exact! You can order today directly from: Belle Books at
I also invite you to check out their website by simply googling Belle Books. It's a marvelous place to visit and, of course, to purchase books.
Deb Smith has done two remarkable slide shows with music to promote both Ociee AND my first book with Belle Books, "Creola's Moonbeam." The Ociee video made me cry; Creola had me up dancing around the room! What a surprise . . . thank you, Deb.

Unfortunately, after numerous attempts to "embed" these gems on my blog and on my website, I QUIT! I'm taking our dog Bella for a long walk now. Poor girl, she needs running shoes to keep up with my angst. I'm also going swimming and perhaps have Jamey take me to a movie.

Hope you're having a nice weekend . . . Milam

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  1. Hi Milam! I received your postcard today - what a wonderful marketing piece! Congratulations on your new baby! I can't wait to read it.