Friday, August 28, 2009

"The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" is now out there for everyone to read. I truly hope is being inundated with orders for our Ociee girl's latest experiences!
Having a book published is not unlike birthing a baby, there's excitement, anxiety and worry, a bit of pain and finally absolute elation as the baby snuggles in mommy's arms.
I'm a mom with three grown children, two grandsons, and five books with another on the way. And like any mother, I don't want to neglect the older children because of the new baby's birth. I well remember our Amanda and William when we brought home baby Jay. Amanda thought Jay was a gift for her, while William was anxious to show his baby brother his own brand new cowboy boots, a gift from his grandparents, Softie and Mary.
So, not wanting to neglect my other books, I'd like to single out just one, my first Belle Book novel, "Creola's Moonbeam." Like a big sister, she needs some attention, too. Besides, Deb Smith did the most darling promo for the novel. Easy as pie. Simply type these words: Youtube Creola's Moonbeam and get ready to dance. Part of the storyline describes the title character as a successful author of children's books. Surely this will prove true with "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash"!
*It's also interesting to compare Deb's different approaches to the two very different books, Ociee's for girls of all ages while Creola appeals more to grown girls.
Youtube Creola's Moonbeam
Youtube The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash
More later . . .

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