Monday, May 31, 2010

St. Jude School

I had a ball with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at St. Judes last week. The children were receptive and very interested not only in our Ociee girl, but also in creative writing in general.

One enthusiastic English teacher, Cole Hansard, worked with his students in writing, illustrating, and even binding their very own books WITH marvelous covers. Yes, indeed, and very well done were their projects. I just wish I had enough time to read each and every one of their stories.

AND the media specialist, Eleonora Straub, along with teacher, Terri Marks, produced binders with their students which included chapters about their goals and ambitions, service projects, and marvelous autobiographies along with delightful family photographs.
*Mrs. Straub's son, David, is a particularly nice young man who assisted me during the afternoon session. Thank you, David.

Fun for me, too, was seeing some familiar faces, including Charley Pickel, the son of one of my husband's former co-workers. The charming young man approached me following my talk to his class and introduced himself as Walt's son. I loved seeing him.

Another delightful young lady, Emily Lennings, also greeted me and announced that she is in the midst of writing her own novel about her sister and herself, and her grandmother's cats. Shhhhh, please don't give away her plot.
***One of the best things about my job is meeting my future competition.

Putting all work aside for now, however, I wish a very Happy Memorial Day to you to and yours.
Hats off this day to our military heroes!


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