Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to Work!

Jamey and I just got home from another fun, fun wedding. This one was in Highlands, N.C., not too terribly far from Ociee and Ben Nash's stomping grounds in Asheville. Yes, I did talk about my books to a couple of the wedding guests, because, believe it or not, they knew a little something about my work. Grin.

I've written on my Facebook page and am not terribly comfortable about this. I mentioned having a guest room closet overflowing with several hundred books for sale. Whether this is good marketing OR an invitation for bad guys to steal my identity, I know not for certain. Several people I trust, including my cousin Fred, tell me writing on Facebook can open folks up to all manner of problems.

That said, our son Jay Propst is now on Facebook, too, so I suppose we'll both be in duck soup should the harbingers of doom be right!
Would love to know what you think.

Gonna go unpack and do laundry now. Milam

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