Sunday, May 2, 2010

About time, huh?!

We've recovered from our Authors Gathering-----AND from our grandson Emmett's 5th birthday party . . . well almost!

Yesterday, because Abigail and (our son) William's yard was totally destroyed when a massive 100-year old oak tree crashed to the ground last week, we had Emmett's "Prince" party at our place.

Jamey and I lost count of the number of guests who came to honor the adorable birthday boy. In addition to Emmett, who was all decked out in his golden crown and Prince Charming costume, there was a real honest-to-gosh prince who did magic tricks for the children, along with a jumpy-jump with a sliding board, turns in both Jamey's 1949 Ford pickup truck and on the new pool ride, and some last minute surprises including "fireworks." Thanks, Uncle Jay.

Big brother Loftin was appropriately costumed as the purple prince, while Mommy and Daddy came as queen and king! Many of the attendees also dressed for the occasion as the beyond enthusiastic Prince Emmett welcomed his fellow princes and princesses, a knight or two, and Robin Hood himself.

BUT I AM SUPPOSED to be writing about professional topics. Right? SOOOO, here's an important announcement about an event this week:

THURSDAY, MAY 6, FROM 5 TO 7, FRANKLIN COX, the popular author of "LULLABIES FOR LIEUTENANTS" and I will be signing books at EAGLE EYE BOOK SHOP IN DECATUR. Try to drop by. A terrific independent book store, it is located at the corner of Clairmont and North Decatur Road.

As information: George Scott of Eagle Eye, hosted one of the very first Atlanta book signings for Kathryn Stockett, the now most famous author of "The Help."
***On a personal note, I'll always be thankful to my cousin Kathleen Plucker for flying down from Indiana to visit her best friend and take us both to meet Kathryn speak that evening.

I need to sign off because the men are here to pick up the jumpy-jump. Hmmm, perhaps George, you should have a jumpy-jump delivered for our event? It's a crowd pleaser!

Hope to see some of you on Thursday, Milam

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