Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tide Rolled and 2010 Brings New Ideas

Of course, we are delighted our beloved BAMA won the National Football Championship. However, as a mom, I'm sick about the University of Texas quarterback and his awful injury. It was worlds more fun to beat Florida. That said, I'm mighty happy for the University of Alabama and the players, and for the fans, the coaches, and for the proud parents of players, too.
By the way, congratulations to Joel Davis's parents Cynthia and Bill. Their son wrangled a last minute ticket to the game and added to his family's treasure trove of memories as lifelong Tide fans. *They are so crimson and white, we're still amazed Joel is Joel and not "BEAR" Davis.

We're finally beginning to thaw out from an ice and snow storm here in what was formerly referred to as Hotlanta. If you're staying inside like us, curl up and finish reading "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" because a new book is coming in the spring. I'm doing something different this time; the book will be 400 pages telling several stories in two parts.

If you're interested in coming to my release party, please let me know. I'm having several other authors as well so there will be reading material for every taste. Much more about the party and the book will appear here in the weeks to come. Right now, this writer has bunches of work to do.

Happy New Year, Milam

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