Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decision Made!

The last two books in "The Adventures of Ociee Nash" series will come out SOON!
That's TWO books. After much angst, research, and study, I'm going with two 200-page stories, both of which are, this very minute, sailing through cyberspace to a fine young printer in Minnesota!

Brian Aubitz of Fuzion Print is one enthusiastic fellow. In fact, Brian tells me "we" can anticipate seeing the new covers in just a couple of weeks. ("We" being one Jamey Propst, my new business partner, in this two-book venture of ours.)

Here's the most exciting part of the project for me. The final cover will feature a recently discovered and restored photograph of my beloved grandmother as a little girl. Five books into her story, and I'd never seen her as a child!!!! More about this will be shared in future blogs.

Ociee's grinnin' grandgirl

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