Monday, September 21, 2009

Today Atlanta is fighting flood waters. As I write, many people we know are actually having to evacuate their homes.
After dinner tonight, our son Jay and I went by a friend's mother's home to make sure she was safe. Thankfully, she was. But much of her neighborhood was under water, waist deep water, so much so, many families were packing up to leave. Because the water was so deep, a huge firetruck couldn't reach some of the stranded folks. Fast thinking Jay raced home, loaded our canoe on his truck, and gave it to the firemen. The men paddled off down to the end of the street and rescued all the flood victims.

My husband bought the canoe on Ebay. His purchase became a great family joke. We've used the bloomin' thing a grand total of two times . . . it's too darn heavy to move! Jamey hardly got it out of a lake after his first ill-fated outing. The second and only other time it was used, Jamey and I posed in it in our swimming pool, our attempt at a humorous Christmas card . . . to rave reviews!

But tonight, some five years later, the canoe finally found its calling.

Another mention of the "man of my dreams," he is a sweetheart. Jamey took an obviously distraught neighbor to her sister's home along with her cat and dog. He also drove to Kroger and picked up fresh cat litter for the frazzled pet.
Hopefully, the rain is over . . . for all concerned, especially for the poor little kitten. MMP

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  1. Milam,

    I love your blog. It sounds just like talking with you does.

    Hugs, Judy