Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you, Kelsey

Ociee must be grinning this day.

My friend, 12-year old Kelsey Fitzpatrick, was walking down the hall of her middle school reading "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" when another student passed by her. According to Kelsey, the young lady was also reading . . . the novel in her hand was one of the earlier books about my heroine. Be still my heart! Wonder if it was Charlotte Street or Ociee on Her Own?

AS INFO: when Kelsey was much younger, she and her Nana were "extras" in the film, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." Readers are encouraged to look for Kelsey and Nana in the final scene which, by the way, was shot at Agnes Scott College here in Atlanta.

Kelsey, many thanks to you and to your grandmother for sharing this story with me, AND for spending that whole long and very hot day in 2002 filming our movie! Milam

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  1. What a fun and encouraging story! Ociee endures and is enjoyed. May there be many more movies or at least TV adventures soon!