Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. The weather was most inviting for us here in Atlanta, and our friend George Elliott (Crazy Starfish) had very successful photography sales in Marietta's Art in the Park. On Sunday, we took a break from George's show and journeyed over to the Decatur Book Festival. As always, it was fabulous.

Here's some information regarding our film "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." Jamey and I don't yet subscribe to Netflix. Should we? Anyway, Joel Davis just told his folks that our film is available on Netflix. Seeing the movie makes for a fine introduction to Ociee Nash.

Speaking of my grandmother Ociee, the first box containing "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" was delivered yesterday. Nothing beats opening a UPS box and finding one's own work stacked up and ready to sell!
Our grandsons Loftin and Emmett were over playing at the time. Emmett's jet pack for his Star Wars Halloween costume was delivered along with the books. Much excitement!!!

BY THE WAY, because we do have these two little boys in our lives, Ociee's books are focusing more on her brother Ben. Also in "The Further Adventures of Ociee Nash" there's a new character named Billy Boy Williams.
*This is important news for my friend Linda who wants me to speak to a "girls only" class. Linda, I write about boys as well! MMP

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