Thursday, August 26, 2010


Saturday is the big day in Suwanee, Georgia. The Suwanee Festival of Books kicks off at 10:00 a.m. My friend Ed Putnam, author of "The Final Season", checked out the venue today. He tells me it's a perfectly wonderful place for a book event.
Besides, even the weather man is cooperating with festival planners. Just image, a coolish day in the Atlanta area in AUGUST. A miracle, for sure!

I plan to chill out with Ed in his tent for a while in the early part of the day, then drop by The Brown Bag Deli and go to the Barnes and Noble Book Marketplace where "Creola's Moonbeam" will be for sale. I plan to catch Haywood's talk and Patti's talk on the main stage at 11:30 and 12 prior to making my way to the children's stage to tell folks about Ociee Nash at 12:30 . . . hopefully meet a few fans, then I'll go to Olde Towne Tavern and Grill for our 1:30 panel. Whew, that's a busy schedule. Next, Terry Kay speaks at 2, a talk I couldn't miss! Lastly, dear friend J. Kershaw Cooper speaks at 5 o'clock. What a perfect end to our authors day.

Am I ready? Sorta. Tomorrow, I must pack up books, get some change for customers, and pick out an outfit. So far, I'm thinking something comfy.
Also, after 18 months of letting my hair turn silver, I caved in today and got it colored again. Why not? After all, Ociee Nash was a blond until the day she died (age 94). She'd approve, wouldn't she?

Hope to see you at Suwanee Town Center Park day after tomorrow. Milam

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