Sunday, August 15, 2010

A puzzlement

I just opened my website to find some 374 "hits". This brings the question: either I have a crazed person who checks on my site every few minutes, or there are 300+ folks who are a tad curious, but a bit too shy to write to me. I never, but never, receive comments. Please understand it's perfectly fine to contact me; no purchase is necessary.
For now, however, I will remain content with the website's attention!

I've mentioned the Suwanee Festival of Books a couple of times and hope to see lotsa folks there on Saturday, August 28, especially when I'm on the Childrens Stage at 12:30. Now I've also been invited to sit on a panel at the Old Town Grill to discuss children's literature. That event will be at 1:30. I figure by mid afternoon, I'll be without much else to say!

Speaking of children, our two precious grandsons, Loftin and Emmett, are due here shortly, so I must step out of author mode into MyMy, the doting grandmother's shoes.

Let me hear from you! Milam

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