Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Spring at last

Hi everyone, Happy Easter and best wishes for Passover, too.

My Jamey is outside happily working in the yard. The cherry trees are blooming here on Cherrywood Lane as the daffodils are already beginning to fade. Everything is turning green AT LAST; greener than normal due to all our winter rain. Feels like we Atlantans have been let out of our cages as everybody seems to be out wandering about like dazed bears after our winter naps.

Actually, I have nothing of note to say other than I hope you dear readers will have a lovely weekend and enjoy some well deserved weather. *This is said with sincere apologies to precious family, friends, and fans who are still cold and/or wet.

Please, yawl, come on down. We're waiting for you with a glass of sweet tea. Milam

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