Sunday, March 28, 2010


I traveled to Birmingham last week to speak to Ascension School and to have my first official Book Release party at the home of Margaret and Charles Farrell.
*I first met Margaret when I asked her daughters, Debra and Teresa, to babysit our children. The cautious mother immediately raced over to our house to check me out. To her, I must have sounded like a crazed and desperate woman (three children under six!). Our cup of coffee became a life long friendship.

The party was delightful due to those who came by, to her wonderful refreshments, and to the entire Farrel family, who appeared in full force to offer its warmest hospitality. I gave a short talk, hugged old friends along with some new ones, and sold a good many Ociee books. Going to Birmingham IS going home for me.

Earlier that morning, I visited the precious school headed by another beloved friend, Jerrie Elliott. Soon to retire from Ascension, Jerrie plans to restart her painting career. And why not; her husband George is the amazing photographer I've mentioned several times in previous blogs.
In fact, the generous George Elliott donated a couple of his photographs to the event. One I gave to Margaret, of course; the second to Betty George, who'd driven all the way from Montgomery to attend. Thank you, Betty!

As a point of interest, Betty remarked about how many talented people are in my circle of Alabama friends, including painter Diane Shepherd, photographers George Elliott and Becky Crum, and fellow authors Barbara Bullock and Ruth Cook. Having surrounded myself with gifted AND supportive friends has always encouraged me in my own creative efforts.
I truly hope my writing will uplift the readers of this blog. Milam

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  1. What an exciting weekend and time! I have my copies and am reading as we speak! We are all so lucky to have you share your Ociee and her spirit with us. And we are so lucky to have you! Sandy