Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garnett Cobb turns 100 years old today!!!

To put Garnett Cobb's birth date (October 3, 1909) into proper prospective, only nine years after my books' main character Ociee traveled to Memphis in a horse-drawn wagon (1900), Garnett Cobb was born.
This weekend we celebrate the event with her children, Tommy and Sandra Cobb, and her family including my oldest friend, Betty Ann Putnam Colley. On Sunday, two hundred and fifty, that's 250 of Garnett's closest friends will gather at the Williams-Payne Museum for a party in her honor.

As info, many years ago, Garnett and BA's mother, Frances Cobb Putnam, rode on the back of the transport truck which moved the historic home to its current location on Sandy Springs Circle. How fitting the party honoring Garnett will be held there.

In case readers wonder how she's doing, the 100-year-old lady is upbeat, remarkably healthy, beautifully dressed and well groomed, and very, VERY excited about her party. Garnett remains much a part of the city of Sandy Springs and continues to set the standard as a wife and mother, friend, banker, and volunteer extraordinarie!

I'm just relieved we made the cut for her party. MMP


  1. Hello,
    I did not make the cut for the party as I was a stranger Mrs. Cobb and her family until October 4th, 2009. I am a professional photographer who just happened to be at the park that day photographing families as I am on lots of beautiful days. The site of the Williams-Payne House is one of my favorite locations to shoot in and have photographed hundreds of families there. I have been thankful to have known about this gem of a location for quite some time but I never really knew much history about it. While waiting on my next client to show, I was asked by Mrs. Cobb's son, probably Tommy, to take a photo of them with their own camera. I happily obliged and got the one minute explanation of the reason for the celebration that was taking place 100 yards from where I was waiting. As they headed back up toward the party, I captured an image with my own camera that I think you might appreciate. I would like for you to post it here so Mrs. Cobb's friends and family may enjoy it as well. Since I can not post a photo on your blog, feel free to visit my blog and save the picture to your own blog!
    Enjoy! -Ken Rada, (Ken Rada Photography)

  2. How amazing what a small world this is. The photo is wonderful.