Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thank you, Martin Lammon for our gift.
Because of this talented poet and charming friend, whom we met at Sandhills Writers Conference in March, several of us enjoyed a private tour of Flannery O'Connor's home, "Andalusia". What a delight, what an encouragement to walk the same land as did this incredibly gifted woman. I returned home on fire to complete the first draft of my new book. That said, I feel unworthy to refer to myself as "an author" having surveyed Flannery's untouched room, the very spot where she created so many of her amazing stories.

Touring with Jamey and me were artist and children's author, Phyllis Tildes and her husband Bill. We four would recommend a trip to Milledgeville, Georgia's first capital. There's much to see; number one on the list is Flannery's farm. By the way, the peacocks are coming back . . . we "met" three of them!

I must sign off now and try to come up with an appropriate name for an old character made anew. Wish Flannery would whisper a suggestion in my ear. MMP

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