Friday, September 20, 2013

Ociee Film

I'd forgotten how truly beautifully filmed is "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." Last night, along with a nice contingent of friends of Nora King, we viewed the movie at the Murphy (NC) Library. We laughed and cried and cheered as Ociee was finally reunited with her beloved Papa and brothers, Ben and Fred.
Skyler Day is simply adorable! Her acting skills were already apparent under the excellent direction of Kristen McGary (director/writer/filmer).

I'm reminded of a Christmas chat Jamey and I enjoyed with Skyler last year when she traveled home from Los Angeles. Said the young actress, "Miss Milam, I was totally spoiled with my first film. Everyone was sooooo nice to me! What a wonderful introduction I had to the movie business."

I loved seeing Anthony Rodriguez as the gypsy and Tom Key as the dashing George Lynch. I'd also forgotten how funny Ociee's brother Ben was, and we all giggled along with Miss June, "nervous as a Junebug." Keith Carradine made us weep saying farewell to his Ociee Sweet Corn . . . and Aunt Mamie, Mare Winningham, was spot on in her role, too.
Several audience members commented that all actors were perfectly cast.

Nora went all out with refreshments, including Roselyn Carter's cheese ring. What a terrific night everyone had.
Earlier in the day, I did have a delightful time with a very receptive group, who listened to me discuss "Writer, Writer." Many stayed for the movie showing.

Thank you, Nora King and Friends of the Library for treating me like a rockstar!

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