Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nice Trip

Jamey and I just returned from a delightful book event in Highlands, N.C. Having turned into a couple of plump-ish chickens roasting on a spit for the past few weeks in Atlanta's heat, the mountains provided quite a cool respite for my husband and for me.
*One marvelous perk of becoming an author is being invited to speak to charming groups of readers and this was no exception.

The gathering came about through Boo Jackson, a darling friend whom my Jamey has known for a long, long time-----well almost since the day he was born!
*Admittedly, Jamey was quite a spirited young man; and Boo made note of the fact the bad little boy from Clanton, Alabama, still has a certain, shall we say,"zest for fun"? We'll not discuss the cherry bombs at the county courthouse or Mrs. Popwell's garage fire.

My audience was made up of some kindly enthusiastic ladies from the Center for Life Enrichment. We did have a pleasant afternoon of conversation and viewing the Ociee movie. ALSO they fed us a wonderful lunch. Prior to the program, my special guests, Mary Brantley and Betty George, the audience, and I feasted on yummy tomato pie, cookies and salads, AND pimento cheese sandwiches----with the crusts trimmed away! That's work as any woman knows.
*Could it be that people are more inspired to cook while in the comfortably cooler mountains miles away from summer's heat? Just a theory.
At any rate, everyone seemed to enjoy the luncheon as well as my talk. As for me, the amount of food I consumed certainly adds credence to the phrase "I work for food."

Thank you, Boo, and thank you, too, Evelyn Miller and Jack, for your tremendous help, especially with the Ociee DVD. Milam

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