Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home from the Beach

You may ask what the beach could have to do with books and writing. If so, please read on:

One vacation morning, while we were finishing breakfast, our daughter-in-law Abigail casually mentioned to me that she thought her husband William might just write his own book one of these days.
I, of course, lit up like a torch, as in passing mine on to our son!

William and Abigail's son Emmett, a dreamy blond little man of six, who has enormous blue eyes and lama-like eyelashes, immediately put down his bacon and joined in on our conversation.
"I'm going to write a book, too," he proudly proclaimed. "About my family, and I'll put love on every page."

Abigail and I looked at one another, sighed, and both welled up in tears. Such a sweet, precious moment was this.
Surely wish I were back at that breakfast table with both our grandsons . . . MMP

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