Friday, January 14, 2011

Ociee Nash to be Honored

My smart, beautiful, and talented grandmother, Ociee Nash Whitman, is going to be inducted into the St. Agnes Academy "Hall of Fame." A 1908 graduate of SAA, she spent many years supporting and saluting our school.

Along with my mother, Mary Catherine Whitman McGraw, and yours truly, Milam McGraw Propst, many Whitman cousins followed in Ociee's footsteps. Some attended the original school on Vance in Memphis, TN, while all of the recent graduates went to the "new" school which opened in 1951. I was in the first 1st grade. Yes, old as dirt am I.

I will write and tell the readers of the Ociee Nash series all about the festivities. For now, just know how happy this news makes Ociee's biographer and her biggest fan. Me.

*I will also be taking additional copies of the five Ociee Nash books to donate to the school library. Wouldn't want any of St. Agnes students having to wait to read about St. Agnes Academy, circa: 1900!


  1. Hi Milam, my second-grade class at Morris Brandon enjoyed meeting you and hearing you talk about your writing. We are now reading your book, A Tree Grows on Charlotte Street, and will watch the movie afterward. I look forward to our comparing the book to the movie.
    We just started the book yesterday after we met you and we're already intrigued by the gypsy and why he laughed when the kids ran away. Some of us think it was a kind laugh. The rest of us think it was mean and scary. We can't wait to find out.
    Thanks so much for your visit.

  2. Milam, it was wonderful to see you at the event last night. I've sent your website to my girls so that they can enjoy Ociee and I can't wait to read about her adventures at the old school. SAA girls always!